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5 Key Factors to Taking the Perfect Real Estate Matterport Virtual Tour

Much like your typical landscape photography, real estate photography needs thorough attention to detail and an eye for creativity. With the right composition, lighting, and angle, you can take masterful photos that will surely entice potential clients to reach out.If you need some help figuring out the important elements that make up a good photo, here are some useful tips to make your images appear professional-grade. 

1. Make Sure Exposure Is Just Right for your 3D Tours

Lighting is one of the most important factors in taking the right photo. Depending on your settings and the lighting within the area, your photo could come out over or underexposed.When your photo is overexposed, this means that there is too much light present in the photo, which may lead to low saturation and cause the camera to lose focus. On the other hand, underexposed photos are much too dark.When you take your photo, make sure everything is perfectly balanced so that the exposure is just right. This makes your photo appear more natural in the eyes of the viewers.

2. Be Creative with White Balance and Color

Of course, experimenting with the right white balance and color will help you figure out what makes the subject of your photograph pop. White balance will help improve the saturation of your photo, bringing out just the right features of the property.However, as a general rule, it is recommended that you don’t be too avant-garde with your photos. Instead, try to make it appear as natural as possible to appeal to wide audiences. Remember, you are selling the property, not the photograph.

3. Maximize Lens Distortion and Vignette Features for Matterport Photography

Your camera lens can control the amount of light that enters the device. Thanks to this, you can prevent too much lens distortion. This effect actually makes your photo look jarring or unnerving, which you don’t want in a real estate photo. Instead, frame the image in a way that makes the photo completely square. This will produce more professional-looking photos.

4. Get the Perfect Photography Angle

The right angle will elevate the features of any room or property that you are photographing. When taking the photo, make sure you are using the right angle to capture the room. Corner shots are the perfect places to shoot from.Your corner shot can reveal a great deal of space, ensuring that you take fewer photos to showcase it in its entirety. It usually is also the perfect angle to incorporate leading lines into your photo. This will draw the viewer’s attention to the highlight pieces of the room.Lastly, corner angles will also help keep photos at horizon level and manage vertical lines. If the room is a grid, then keeping at your corners will make sure everything is perfectly aligned.

5. Use Intriguing Composition

Good photos tell a story. In some way, the photographer has all the control of showing what part of the story the audience needs to see. As such, composition is key in taking real estate photos. The way you choose your angles and settings will influence what part of the photo gets highlighted.Where do you want to draw the most attention? What part of the space do you want to highlight? Make sure that nothing is cut off from the frame and that the photo speaks for itself.Conclusion for Real Estate Matterport 3D Photography Taking real estate photos requires just as much thinking and creativity as your typical photograph. Careful deliberation must be placed so that you showcase the right things in your image.

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