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Bear Karry, October 12 2021

Drones in Real Estate—How They Can Help Sell Your Home Faster

When trying to sell your home, high-quality pictures can go a long way in attracting potential buyers to come and check out the home and, ultimately, buy it. However, there are only so many angles you can take of your home from the ground. Sure, you can snap 40+ pictures of one side of your house, but if they are all from simply slightly different angles, they won't mean much to your buyers. What they are looking for are drastic angles that give them a much better picture of the home, and this is where drones come in.

Today, we're going to talk about drones in real estate—how they can help sell your home faster:

1. How Exactly Are Drones Used in Commercial Real Estate Photography?

As you might know, a drone is an unmanned aircraft that can be controlled wirelessly. For this purpose, a drone is used to fly around an estate with a camera attached to it to take pictures or videos. The images taken will depend on the drone's pilot and vary significantly on quality depending on the camera and drone's quality.

That being said, do not assume that a drone cannot take good pictures. Many drones today come equipped with 4K cameras delivering stunning visuals. No more do you have to hire helicopter pilots to take areal photos. Now, you can do it with much more affordable drones that deliver precise pictures and are much safer to work with.

2. Why Should You Use Aerial Drones for Real Estate Photos?

Compared to traditional photography, drones are miles ahead in terms of the type of pictures you can take. Aerial views are second to none when looking at properties, and when buyers can see stunning aerial images of your property, the higher the chances of hooking their interest and getting your home sold! In fact, according to multiple listing service statistics, it was found that properties that were listed with aerial photos were over 60% more likely to be sold! That alone should give you an excellent reason to invest in drone aerial real estate photography.

3. How Can I Properly Use Drones for Real Estate Photography?

While drones have helped homes sell faster, an important thing to remember is that it all lies in using the drones properly.

When using drones, aim for sweeping views or pictures that showcase the entire property. Also, use the drones to capture hard-to-see features like the property's roof. It can also capture exciting things like the nearby beach, a swimming pool, and other landmarks that can make the property more interesting.


Aerial photography is incredibly versatile, and you can take many pictures in different ways to showcase your property in a different light. However, don't make the mistake of thinking that aerial photography is only for the rich. Thanks to drones, anyone can enjoy such amazing pictures taken for their properties. As such, if you are looking to give your home the best chances of being sold quickly and for an excellent price, utilize aerial photographs. It'll give your buyers a unique perspective on the home you're selling, capturing their interest and ensuring that you have someone to sell to.

Bear Karry are real estate photographers offering stunning photos from professional photographers in Saint Petersburg. If you are looking for aerial drone photography for Houses and Commercial Real Estate to sell your home faster, book a meeting with us today!

Written by

Bear Karry

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