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Bear Karry, December 29 2021

Important Dos & Don'ts of Expert Real Estate Photography in Florida

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) estimates that 9 out of 10 home buyers start their search on the Internet. Twenty-five percent said that Internet real estate photos played a role in their recent home purchase. 

Quality professional real estate photography is the most critical aspect of selling a house, second only to price. It's never been more crucial to present a home in a visually appealing manner that highlights its greatest features. It's not simple to capture the soul of a property, but those that do may be rewarded with a quick and successful sale.

However, there is a particular method to approach real estate photography—a set of dos and don'ts to guide you in capturing the best real estate photos. 

The Dos in Real Estate Photography 

1. Capture the Unique Selling Propositions

Prospective buyers search for particular characteristics in a house, so sellers should emphasize their unique features. Buyers are also particularly interested in seeing kitchens and bathrooms. Make sure all photos are up to date so you can show off your improvements and renovations.

2. Consider Your Viewers

Any real estate photography session should have a stunning front entrance as a focal point. It can set the tone for the rest of the house. Consider shooting with the front door open so that visitors may imagine themselves entering the residence. It's a bit of a psychological ruse, but it works.

3. Focus on Unique Architectural Details

Although archways, nooks, and crannies are challenging to capture, they are what give your home its personality. If you have the opportunity, try to catch a few architectural elements.

4. Take A Photo from the Curb 

The importance of curb appeal cannot be overstated. In whichever light you depict the property, a photograph of the front of your house will resonate with people. The more appealing the house seems, the more likely potential buyers will want to see it in person. This is frequently the image that persuades a consumer to come or go, making it count. 

Remove any distracting objects, such as automobiles or trash cans, and be sure you photograph the entire house.

5. Take Night Photographs

Natural light is the most flattering, but a midnight exterior shot may provide just the perfect amount of contrast to make your photos pop. The secret is to shoot when all your lights are on.

6. Try Aerial Views 

Drones have taken the real estate industry by storm, and they have grown increasingly popular. It may be time for you to use them. Taking a shot from above is a terrific way to highlight many design elements simultaneously, especially if it's adjacent to nature.

Look for the best drone for real estate photography or find a photographer that offers aerial real estate photography services. 

The Don'ts in Real Estate Photography

1. Don't Take Self-Portraits in The Mirror

While including a mirror in the space can help increase light and make it look larger, it is not intended to reflect the photographer. You want purchasers to see themselves in the mirror, not you. Keep your distance from the listing photographs.

2. Don't Take Poorly Lit Interior Shots

The more light there is in an interior shot, the better. Make your images as bright as possible while seeming natural.

3. Pay Attention to Angles

Angles are essential for successful real estate photographers in Tampa. Make sure the camera borders parallel the house while taking a photo from the front. Match the roofline to the frame of the photo. Lastly, make sure your property isn't an eyesore before anyone sees it in person.


Beautiful real estate images can bring more attention to a listing, which may help raise the asking price and guarantee that the house sells for top money. If you decide to hire a pro, look for someone specializing in real estate photography.

Bear Karry Productions provides stunning professional real estate and commercial photography near Tampa Bay Florida, videography, drone photography for real estate, and 3D virtual tours. We service Saint Petersburg, Bradenton, and Tampa. Book online now! 

Written by

Bear Karry

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