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Bear Karry, July 16 2021

How to Improve Your Property Listings Using Drone Photography

If you belong to the real estate business, you know how challenging it is to convince interested homebuyers to request your services and not rely on your competitors for help. With the array of property listings published online, it’s not enough to depend on the usual real estate photography to land a sale anymore. 

One essential way to capture the attention of people who wish to buy a home is by considering upgrading your tactics and leaning towards aerial photography with advanced drones. When your listings involve images of aerial views of the houses, you have better chances of gaining sure buyers. 

Drone photography has a way of highlighting the features of the homes you’re handling in a different light to convince more people to buy your property. Keep reading below to learn more about aerial photography and why it’s vital for selling real estate in today’s modern times. 

A Closer Look at Aerial Photography for Real Estate 

When it comes to aerial photography, you will most likely have to use drones to get the perfect shot. A drone is a camera that a licensed pilot has to operate, staying on land while the drone flies above a property to capture it from different angles.  

Depending on your requirements, a drone can take photos and videos to enhance the visual assets of each home and property you’re selling. Based on the kind of drone you’re using, you can obtain various qualities of the images and video clips. 

If you plan to invest in drone photography for real estate, you can look forward to receiving high-quality outcomes using a 4K camera. The popularity of drones is due to their convenience, safety, and excellent results that exceed old practices of riding a helicopter and hiring a professional photographer. 

The Importance of Drone Photography for Real Estate 

With the help of aerial photography using a drone, you don’t have to rely on traditional photography to capture images from above anymore. After all, any buyer wants to consume as much media as possible to better understand what they’re prepared to invest in one day. 

Besides that, relying on drone photography helps set the mood of the property and how you want potential buyers to perceive it. It convinces them that there’s just something about the home you’re offering that’s unique and alluring than other houses for sale online. 

The Best Time to Utilize Drones in Real Estate 

While aerial photography is an excellent idea, not all realtors require it for the properties they’re selling, especially if they base their strategy on the market they’re targeting. It all comes down to the kind of properties you’re offering, the prices of the homes, and the profit involved. 

If you wish to highlight specific features of a home that may not look well with images alone, then you could apply drone photography to help you paint a bigger picture. The best properties that will benefit from aerial imagery are high-end homes, commercial buildings, expansive lots, and houses with majestic sceneries and landscapes. 

Hiring the Right People for Aerial Real Estate Photography 

Real estate agents aren’t expected to have the skills to take beautiful images and videos the same way they have the expertise to sell properties. If you require aerial photography to present your homes in an aesthetically pleasing way, it’s best to hire professionals. 

People who specialize in aerial photos and videos won’t let you down because they have the knowledge and skills to produce carefully crafted images and footage of your properties. In addition, you don’t have to purchase your own drone anymore because they already have the necessary equipment. 


Drone photography has indeed changed the game regarding selling real estate property. More homebuyers want something they can connect with on a different level and bring out their emotions. If you offer aerial photos of your houses, they provide a different perspective of your listings. Without visiting each available home in person, you give your clients an experience that convinces them to invest in one of the properties you’re handling after capturing the house from all angles. Before you seek drone photography, make sure it’s relevant for the market you’re targeting and the kind of properties you’re offering to guarantee its return on investment benefits you well. 

Are you looking to hire aerial photography services in Saint Petersburg, Florida, for your real estate firm? Bear Karry offers real estate photography solutions, including videography and 3D virtual tours. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment!

Written by

Bear Karry

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