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Bear Karry, July 9 2021

Do Better in Real Estate Marketing With Drone Photography

There is no doubt about how competitive the real estate market is today. If you want your property to stand out, you need to exert effort and be more creative in marketing and showcasing your property’s worth. 

One surefire way to make a great impression on people is to invest in aerial photography. Gone are the days when only high-end real estate agencies could hire helicopters to capture a bird’s eye view of their property. Drone technology is an easy, amazing, and cost-effective means to market your property.

Real Estate Marketing Benefits of Drone Photography

1. A New Way to Present the Property

Aerial photography is an opportunity to highlight the beauty of a property as a whole. If the property you are selling is surrounded by a lush, green environment or near a magnificent beachside, there is no better way to showcase that beauty than to fully capture it. Sceneries like that can only be enjoyed via wide landscape photography, and a view from above would be the perfect way to give justice to the site. 

2. A Means to Showcase the Surrounding Area

Another thing you can highlight is the surrounding community. Sometimes, people are more visual. Suppose your property for sale is near important landmarks, such as the supermarket, church, school, and so on. An aerial shot can show viewers how good of a location your property is. An image of an aerial map with markers would be easier to grasp than reading about the numerical distance of each landmark from the property. 

3. Unique Perspectives

Even if your client performs an onsite ocular inspection, they can never see an aerial view in person unless they ride a helicopter. Through photos and videos captured from above, clients can experience the property in a whole new light. This can help them appreciate the place even more and help them make more informed decisions. 

4. Better Marketing Materials

Imagine a wide aerial shot of the entire property or a virtual tour with an overview of the whole community. Images and media like these in your listings could instantly attract people’s attention, giving you a higher chance of attracting more leads. In the real estate business, the more leads you generate, the higher the chance you can get an actual client or sell your property.

5. Better Market Appeal

The online world is highly visual, and there is no better way to gain the attention of homebuyers than presenting them with good photos. Aerial shots are slowly becoming a common practice in real estate marketing because the process of taking them has become inexpensive and accessible. It is important to maintain your competitive edge by capitalizing on this trend. 


Remember that content is a key element to improving your sales. The more you improve the quality of your online materials, the more people will be more drawn to your online presence. Drone technology gives home sellers and real estate agencies more opportunities to showcase their offerings in a spectacular way. Just make sure to work with a professional who knows how to get high-resolution images—an expert who has experience in the real estate market. 

Bear Karry Productions is an award-winning Florida real estate photography company that offers aerial drone photography in Saint Petersburg, Florida. We also provide videography and 3D virtual tours to level up your online content and impress clients. Contact us at (727) 490 - 3411 for more information or book an appointment through the website. 

Written by

Bear Karry

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