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Download PDF at the bottom of the page if you would like!

success checklist


Decluttering the house prior to the photo shoot is essential to getting the highest quality photos on the market.  Do a walk through of the house and check off the list below.  

Thank you!

recommendations for day of shoot

The less people that there are in the house on the day of the shoot the better. Encourage homeowners to take a spa day, go to the beach, or spend some quality time doing their favorite activity.  Please remain in a room away from the photographer to ensure you stay out of the pictures.  Please leave the AC turned on especially during summer months.  

sharing photos

Social Media

iwood K0rvMa1Y18A unsplash

Please give photo credit to our company by tagging @BearKarryProductions when you upload and share your photos to Instagram and Facebook.  Thank you!