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Bear Karry, August 17 2021

3 Marketing Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly and for a Good Price

What is one of the most significant factors that get a product or service sold? It's the marketing. With proper marketing, anything can be sold, and this doesn't only apply to large businesses. Individuals can also sell anything if they market them correctly, including their homes.

Today, we will talk about listings, mainly how you can market your home to get it sold. These tips will all play a role in not only ensuring your house is finally sold but sold for the right price. That being said, here are some marketing tips for selling your home quickly and for a reasonable price:

1. Upload High-Quality Pictures

Words can only do so much in describing what you are trying to sell, which, in this case, is your home. Instead, let pictures say the words for you. One picture is worth a thousand words, and quality pictures are worth a thousand more!

With that in mind, remember that not any photo will do. A simple snap from your phone won't do. You will need to set up the place with proper lighting and take pictures from the right angles. This way, the images you share on social media will look nothing short of stunning, bringing plenty of attention to your listing and boosting your chances of getting the home sold.

2. Share Professionally-Made Videos

Much like how you want to share high-quality pictures of your home on social media, you will want to do the same with videos. Videos are essentially multiple pictures added together to create a sense of motion, and a photo is worth a thousand words, imagine how much a video is worth.

Again, not any video will do. You need to ensure the footage you take is high-quality, and if you do not have the means to do so, do not be afraid to reach out to professional videographers for the job. They can record your home in its best light, ensuring that the videos you upload on your social media grab the maximum amount of attention possible.

3. Make Available Relevant and Valuable Content

Pictures and videos have their place on social media, but you should never dismiss written content. After all the pictures and videos interested buyers may see, they will also be looking for written content for extra information.

As to what you will write, this can be anything from describing your property in detail, jotting down the benefits and features your home has to offer, and more. Just be sure that what you write is interesting. This way, people will stick around for longer, reading what you have to share. This helps to boost your chances of getting the home sold, and for a great price!


All in all, high-quality photos, professionally-made videos, and valuable content are the three things you need to market your homes properly. They bring about the most attention to your house, ensuring that you get the offers you expect to get the home sold quickly and for a reasonable price. With that said, if you are struggling to do any of the above tips, we recommend that you reach out to professionals to help you out. Real estate marketing companies can offer you the assistance needed to market your listing, ensuring you get the attention you deserve and get your real estate goals met quickly!

Bear Karry is a real estate photography company offering professional photographers to capture stunning pictures, videos, and more to help clients market their real estate. If you are interested in real estate photography in St. Petersburg, work with us today!

Written by

Bear Karry

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