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Bear Karry, August 2 2021

3 Benefits of Virtual Staging for Real Estate Agents

Staging is a method of preparing a property for sale. At the most basic level, it’s a practice that seeks to showcase an estate’s best assets via redecorating and restyling to impress buyers and sell the property for the highest possible price.

Real estate brokers and agents worked with home stagers and photography companies for traditional staging in the past. But thanks to modern technology, the arduous tasks involving staging a home have become easier to manage through virtual staging.

Compared to traditional staging, its virtual counterpart requires less money, time, and effort. So, if you’re pressed for time to prepare and sell a property, here are three reasons trying out virtual staging can prove to be beneficial for busy real estate agents like you.

1. It’s a Practical Alternative to Traditional Staging

Traditional staging can be a bit costly. Aside from expenses in hiring people to help you with cleaning the area, moving furniture, and taking property photos, you’ll need to rent or buy furniture. Additional expenditure on restorations and maintenance may also add to this long list of costs.

In general, you’ll find that you won’t have to spend as much on virtual staging because this method requires less workforce and resources. You’ll only need quality photos, reference images, and virtual staging software. Sure, you’ll have to hire an individual experienced in professional real estate photography and an expert on virtual staging software. But ultimately, there will be no need to shell out money for other things apart from what is necessary.

2. It Offers Limitless Options on Design

In conventional staging, your budget dictates the magnitude of change you can bring about in a property. Even if you have the perfect setting and style in mind, it can be challenging to materialize your ideas since you have limited options due to budget restrictions.

On the other hand, virtual staging gives you more freedom when it comes to staging and styling. All you need is a catalog or portfolio of furnishings, and you can go for any style you want. From contemporary to modern—your imagination is the limit.

3. It Helps Prospective Buyers See the Potential of the Property

Most of the time, buyers struggle to connect with a home that is empty or styled in a way that is not to their liking. But through visual staging, you can show prospective buyers what space can be used for in the future. Additionally, you can use it to target a specific market and adjust the decorations according to their style.

The Bottom Line

Some say that virtual staging is a form of deception as furnishings and decorations are not physically present within the estate, but this isn’t true. If you’ll think about it, virtual staging is not at all that different from the conventional way of staging.

Ultimately, it stays true to its goal, which is to show buyers the property’s true potential and give them a glimpse of the future—one where they could be in it. You’re helping them picture a better future!

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Written by

Bear Karry

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