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Bear Karry, October 8 2021

4 Reasons to Definitely Invest in Drone Shots for Your Real Estate Photography

When it comes to real estate, most sellers fuss over marketing more than anything else. One detail that they tend to gloss over is the materials that they upload and share with their contacts, though. Snapping a quick pic on your phone where the quality isn’t there can be frustrating for any potential home buyers and bad for business.

Your photography can either be a missed opportunity or a selling point that can give you some advantage in the property market. Aim for the latter and start investing by hiring a professional real estate photographer. 

Here are four different reasons why you should be sold about hiring a professional photographer for your real estate business:

1) Time Management

Look, it can be simply taxing on any real estate agent’s time to stage the home to be an attractive living space, take stunning photos, and edit meticulously. There are people to talk to and get back to that may seem more critical in terms of deadlines and punctuality.

Instead of compromising one or the other, hire a real estate photographer who can do the work for you. Their skills and experience are sure to cut the time needed as they’re used to shooting all sorts of properties, and you’d be able to attend to your other duties.

2) Stress Management

Aside from saving you from time constraints, hiring a professional would be keeping you from the hassle. The number of worries and burdens that come with working in the real estate industry can be overwhelming, and adding more responsibilities to your plate isn’t ideal.

Plus, if you aren’t too skilled at photography, there’s added pressure to have to learn everything from scratch to get some stellar shots that will satisfy and entice clients. Give yourself a break and let a knowledgeable real estate photographer take care of the whole ordeal.

3) Attractive Output and Excellent Real Estate Photos

Photography is going to be something that’s considered creative work, which can be quite a difference from the business in real estate. Producing jaw-dropping portraits of the home and all its amenities means taking the photos with the right framing, angles, lighting, and editing. 

A real estate photographer can help guarantee pictures that can accurately portray the home to any interested clients. With perfect quality output, the photos are sure to capture the eyes and hearts of any interested homebuyers who want to settle down.

4) Receive Better Offers Because Housing Photography is On Point

As hinted by the earlier point, well-done photos elicit a better response from your client base. Any pictures that are short of professional can give a bad impression and make a potential customer dismiss the listing altogether, which can be quite a loss compared to having better offers.

The increase in volume and improvement in the given prices is likely accompanied by a faster turnaround time. Once homebuyers look at the photo and start envisioning their life in that home, they won’t waste any time trying to make the purchase happen. 


Learning why real estate photography can be so helpful to you and your property business can be extremely eye-opening. If you want to experience some of these benefits, start looking for a photography service to cater to your needs.

In need of drone real estate photography near Tampa and Saint Petersburg in Florida? Bear Karry is a real estate photography company that creates stunning photos for your listings, as well as offers videography and 3D virtual tours. Contact us today!

Written by

Bear Karry

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