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Bear Karry, October 8 2021

How to Get the Best Drone Shots Real Estate Photography for Your Property

Imagery and visual aids are essential components of effective and engaging marketing campaigns on a basic level, and they should not be overlooked. High-quality real estate photography should be a critical component of the selling process for any residential property. 

After all, photos emphasize marketing efforts in the sale of residential property. But what is the best way to use this kind of imagery to maximize your chances of selling and get a competitive advantage in the marketplace? Here are our tips:

Collaborate with Experienced Real Estate Photographers in St. Petersburg 

You will need to work with professional photographers if you want to create a portfolio of high-quality real estate images to show to potential clients. Professional photographers can arrange visually appealing pictures and shoot them in a manner that optimizes lighting and the overall appearance of a property, among other things. 

While most agencies include the cost of photographers into their total budget, some may not have the financial resources to employ an outstanding practitioner of this art. On the other hand, if you are selling a home on your own, you will need to include a provision in your budget to cover the costs associated with doing so. 

At this point, you can hire a real estate photographer that specializes in taking real estate pictures. While this may be a bit more costly, it will assist in justifying your selling price and maximize any possible profit. Consider prioritizing this cost when planning a budget for photography and creating pictures for marketing applications.

Choose the Best Photos for Real Estate with Drone Photography

While engaging a real estate photographer with specialized expertise is an excellent first step, it is not sufficient in and of itself to effectively promote your property. 

For this reason, we suggest that you carefully choose the pictures you include in your portfolio while building it since it is the images you choose that will be the first to attract prospective buyers' attention when they look for targeted properties online. 

You should keep in mind that you only have about seven seconds to help create the first impression in customers' minds, and a wide variety of high-quality and focused pictures may help you make sure that first thought is a good one. 

Find a Middle Ground between Aspiration and Reality 

It is essential not to overstate or exaggerate your pictures because you must eventually provide an accurate visual depiction of the property as it now appears on the market. You must, however, maintain a careful balance to create an aspirational story around the home that fascinates purchasers and motivates them to find out more about the property. 

Final Thoughts

A potential purchaser is almost sure to go to your location to see the property before making a final choice. At this time, they will be able to appreciate it in all of its natural splendor. Make no mistake about it—if there is a significant gap between buyers' expectations and what they see and feel during a physical viewing. 

While delivering a vision that isn’t representative of reality will be detrimental, good photos will get your foot in the door and pique interest. Your real estate photographer should assist you in striking this balance, both in terms of accurate presentation and the overall quality of the photographs.

If you are looking for luxury drone real estate photography in Tampa and St. Petersburg Florida, Bear Karry Production is the best option! We also offer drone photography, videography, virtual tours, and more. Call us at (727) 490–3411 today!

Written by

Bear Karry

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