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Bear Karry, July 2 2021

3 Benefits of Adding 3D Virtual Tours to Your Marketing Plan

The global pandemic hindered many industries, including real estate, in doing face-to-face transactions. Because of this, real estate professionals were urged to become innovative to keep their businesses afloat amid the crisis. For instance, they added new technologies to their marketing campaigns to stay connected with their clients and make their product and service presentations engaging and interactive. One of these technologies is 3D virtual tours.

VR technology is probably the best way to display any property remotely because your potential clients will be able to visit houses virtually, even without actually being there. To learn more about how it can help grow your business, here are some of its benefits:

1. Completes the Homebuying Experience

Let’s be honest: online shopping might be convenient, but nothing beats the feeling of buying products in person. This is because humans love to look at things they want to buy. For this reason, window shopping often completes the overall shopping experience.

This is also applicable in real estate. Aspiring homeowners want to see and experience the property they plan to buy. Although this is possible through in-person virtual tours, this might be hard to pull off in the middle of a pandemic. Fortunately, your company can cater to the consumer’s inherent window shopping needs through 3D virtual tours. 

These tours are the digital equivalent of showcase rooms. They also have the potential to make your real estate listing visually appealing when you add background products closely related to popular culture, invite celebrities or influencers to take part in the tour, or post a video featuring your listings.

2. Offers Accessibility

In this digital age, homebuyers use search engines to look for their ideal property. Many of them prefer the convenience of staying at home, which is why they want quick online access. Thankfully, this benefit is offered by 3D virtual tours. 

If you decide to provide this type of tour to potential clients, making the experience as digitally available as possible must be prioritized. To improve accessibility, make the tour easy to operate and understand. It must also be compatible with any device. In addition, it should also have vertical designs so homebuyers can easily share the experience through social media stories on Facebook and Instagram. 

3. Provides Good Return on Investment

When running a real estate business, you must think of long-term gain. This is why seeking 3D property photography professionals is important when creating your marketing plan. By having well-made and optimized real estate 3D virtual tours, you can maximize your return on investment. 

This type of tour can also last for years. To ensure long-term use, optimize file sizes, perform scheduled upgrades in systems, and update elements. You should also put your target demographic and the market changes in mind so you can update the 3D virtual tour when necessary.


Although 3D real estate photography has already been around for years, now is the best time to use it to your advantage to attract and engage with more homebuyers. So whether you are planning to incorporate a simple 3D tour or a complete virtually staged real estate makeover into your digital marketing campaign, make sure you have the right professionals with you to turn your vision into reality.

If you need 3D real estate tour photography for your business, reach out to Bear Karry Productions. Our 3D tours are retouched professionally and delivered less than 24 hours after the shoot. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and requirements!

Written by

Bear Karry

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