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Bear Karry, July 2 2021

Important Photography Tips For Exterior Real Estate

Even years down the line, remote work-from-home setups will still be something employees can do. With the "WFH" trend, the demand for homes outside of industrialized, urban areas has only gotten higher. Since social distancing protocols have been in place, employees have chosen to pack up their lives and move to the suburbs or rural areas.

Given the 2021 market movement, more and more outdoor real estate photography is in demand. People are trying to find more permanent places to live and set roots anew. Since real estate deals are essentially happening online, listing photographs have gotten so much more competitive. Rather than contracting just anyone to take a photo of St. Petersburg property, it’s wise to work with a real estate photographer.

Real Estate Photos in St. Petersburg

Hiring a luxury home photographer is a great option… if you own a luxury home. Of course, there are many kinds of real estate photography professionals out there. Luckily, there's an almost endless way of taking a fantastic photo. Every possible available element can be maximised. There are beautiful nighttime light displays that can come into play. On sunny days, a scenic mountain backdrop would be wonderful. Outdoor property photography has no strict rules. However, there are certainly ways that things can get a major upgrade.

Read on for important photography tips for exterior real estate:

Be Prepared

Planning is a crucial element of any undertaking, and that includes outdoor real estate photography. It's particularly key since external factors can get in the way. Determining exact purpose is a good place to start. Why is it important for outdoor real estate photos to be shot? What will they be used for? Chances are they're meant for use on a listing website or they'll be put up for lease.

Things to do before a shoot to prepare include, but are not limited to:

- Cleaning and decluttering of property

- Deciding on equipment (diffuser, drone, lighting equipment, tripod, wide lens, etc.)

- Deciding on focal point or concept

Look into the Weather Forecast and Consider the Season

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's worth pointing out every time. Outdoor photoshoots rely heavily on weather. It's not just about the sun, either; even the clouds can make or break a photo's quality. Artificial light and diffusers can only do so much on cloudy days. The best way to go about it is to have the shoot on a particularly sunny day.

Make Sure the Horizon Is Straight

The last thing you want to deal with is awkward angles. Prevention is best done through forming a straight line. Don't have a clear view of the horizon? Look at the topmost part of the landscape or lawn; that has to be a straight, horizontal line. That way, you have the correct perspective in practice in your photo.

Don't forget to emphasize features that are unique to the property. Moreover, make sure to put effort and time into post-production, especially if the photos will be uploaded.


Exterior real estate photography is more important than ever in today's increasingly competitive market. Since work-from-home setups are essentially here to stay, more and more people are looking to settle down in a home. Great ways for photography of exterior real estate to flourish include being prepared, considering the season, and making sure the horizon is straight.

Need interior and exterior real estate photography services in St. Pete, FL? Bear Karry can’t wait to help you out! We provide stunning photos from professional photographers for real estate.

Written by

Bear Karry

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