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Bear Karry, January 11 2022

4 Advantages of Using Drones for Real Estate Photography

Back then, realtors and real estate companies had to walk around with their cameras to snap photos of their property for various uses. They were limited, however, to bottom-up pictures. If they wanted top-down pictures, they'd either have to hire helicopters for the job or be creative with using another nearby building. In other words, taking top-down pictures wasn't easy. In fact, it was also quite expensive. Fortunately, this has changed quite drastically today!

With technology rapidly advancing, real estate companies now have access to the tools they need to capture their properties in amazing, high-quality pictures at stunning angles. One of the biggest contributors to this type of picture is drones, and with drones becoming more affordable, just about any realtor and real estate company can take amazing photos.

That said, if you're wondering what the exact benefits to be had from using drones for photography are, keep on reading! Here are the advantages of real estate drone photography:

1. Drone Photos Gets Rid of the Need for Expensive Helicopter Photography

If you're based in a rural area, this is a pretty big perk. Helicopter photography is expensive, and as such, is usually a luxury available only to companies with a certain level of income. It can cost thousands of dollars to hire a helicopter for even a few hours, and that's just for real estate photography! Fortunately, drones can fly freely within a given radius and can be used to produce high-quality pictures.

2. Drone Photography Gets Rid of the Need for Expensive Camera Equipment

This is another huge perk that makes drones an excellent choice for real estate photography. Although drones are not cheap, compared to helicopters, they're not too expensive. You don't need to invest in expensive cameras and lenses to take great pictures anymore. In addition to this, the drones have a built-in camera that can take pictures of the property in stunning high definition.

3. Take Pictures at Angles that Would Be Impossible or Too Difficult to Shoot

Using a drone, you can take high-quality pictures at angles that would be impossible or too difficult to take pictures of with the human eye. You can take pictures at straight, top-down angles, which means you can capture the interior and exterior of the property in a better way. You can also take pictures of the roof or the roof of the property, which can show it in its full glory.

4. Take Flexible Pictures During Any Time of Day with Drone Aerial Photography

If you want to take pictures of your property on a cloudy day, you can! If you want to take pictures when it's bright and sunny outside, you can! The drone is autonomous, which means you can control how it turns and how it moves around so that the surrounding environment doesn't affect the quality of the pictures that you capture.

Conclusions for Successful Real Estate Photography in St Pete FL

Drones are a useful tool for real estate companies and can be a great investment for any company that owns a property. The aerial view of the property can provide a unique perspective on the property, and the drone can be a great way to show off the property to potential buyers and clients. Drones will also be important in the future as they help to drive down the prices of real estate photography, allowing more people access to aerial photography. That said, if you haven't invested in drones for real estate photography, do so today! You will be amazed at the types of photos you can take with them, not to mention amazed by the results these pictures can provide for your company!

Bear Karry is a real estate photography company offering quality, stunning photos done by professional photographers. If you require aerial drone photography in St Petersburg, work with us today!

Written by

Bear Karry

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