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Bear Karry, August 24 2021

4 Important Tips to Achieve Great Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is an art form in its own right. Unlike the usual photography, it does not involve live models in action but rather properties to be sold to various clients and homebuyers. Taking a few photos of a home is just half the victory, as you will also need to make it enticing to look at—well enough to close deals. 

If you happen to be a realtor, chances are you would like to learn how to achieve compelling real estate photos. Luckily, we’ve listed down a couple of tips that may help you achieve just that:

Make Time to Orient Yourself with the Property Being Sold Off

Ask the seller to at least give you a whole day to check out the house and allow you to familiarize yourself with its different sections. You must know them all to get an idea of how you will execute your shots better. You must also schedule a visit during the daytime, as you may not be able to visualize your shots when it’s dark. Of course, you need the right amount of light source to better focus on the parts of the house, which is best done with the help of the sun.

Ask the Seller to Clear Out Any Unnecessary Clutter

No buyer would ever want to see a derelict property, much more a very messy home. Again, speak with the seller and let them know that you will need to clean the house unless they want to turn away their buyers. Having a clean and tidy home in the photos will not only convince buyers that the property they are going for isn’t faulty, but it will also give them the impression that the property has been well-maintained and cared for by the previous owner. This will enable the buyer even to raise the value if they want to.

Take a Picture of All the Sections of the House

You must have complete snapshots of every part of the house. The buyers will want to see every corner of the home, including the bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen, and the bathrooms.They’ll want to know what each space looks like, and if even one of those sections is missing, they may have second thoughts about buying the house. They might even think that the seller purposely left it out for numerous reasons—including being less appealing than the rest of the home.

Optimize the Photos

Don’t just click the shutter. You also need to apply proper focus and lighting to bring out the section’s beauty that you are taking a photo of. People want to be impressed by what they see, so make sure to provide the buyers with clear and crisp images. Bring out the beauty of the house through your pictures!


Achieving great real estate photography takes a lot of skill and patience. By coordinating with the seller, familiarizing yourself with the house’s layout, choosing great lighting and equipment for the job, and bringing out the beauty of the house’s different sections, a buyer will most likely pick up the place in due time. Snap away towards compelling real estate photography, and see clients come marching in!

If you are looking for a luxury home photographer for your real estate properties, look no further than the services offered by Bear Karry Productions. We specialize in real estate photography, all done by our skilled professional photographers. We’ll make the sales part easier to do—reach out to us today!

Written by

Bear Karry

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