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Bear Karry, September 22 2021

How Do Professional Real Estate Photographers Do Their Job?

In selling homes and real estate properties, photos portray a huge part in convincing homebuyers to check out and buy the property. Some buyers don’t have the luxury of time to visit each listing, so you have to capture their interest with the photos of the property alone. If the photos don’t match up to the property they have in mind, they won’t bother to book a visit.

This is where the skills of a real estate photographer, like Bear Karry, come in. They are able to highlight the most desirable aspects of a property, showcasing the home in its best light.

Here’s a walkthrough of how professional real estate photographers do their job.

Use the Right Equipment

To make good quality photos, photographers must have the right equipment to use. Professional real estate photographers have the best gear, from lenses and lighting equipment to tripods and even a few props.

Photographers use cameras with excellent ISO performance. To take complete shots of big spaces, they use wide-angle lenses. For shooting at nighttime, they install lighting equipment to control the shadows and illuminate the necessary details. They are also armed with extra flash because there are times that the flash that comes with their camera is not enough to do the job. Professional real estate photographers are detail-oriented, which is a good trait they have.

Prepare All of the Equipment Beforehand

Professional real estate photographers don’t want to panic and waste time if one of their equipment is not working properly, so they always come prepared. Before the actual shoot, they do test shots to see if everything works nicely. Technical difficulties do happen, and as true professionals, they calculate these mishaps well, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Plan All Kinds of Shots

Candid shots are good in other types of photography, but not in real estate photography. Before the actual shoot, the photographer plans what kinds of shots they should take in the property. They need to include all angles and corners, so they plan ahead on how to showcase these areas well through their shots.

They must make the living room look spacious, cozier, and more homey. To do this, they use wide-angle shots. On the other hand, they use natural lighting for exterior shots. The best time to shoot outdoors is when the sun is just about to set or when it’s scorching.

Show Highlights of the Property That Makes It Unique

Details are important for real estate buyers. They’d want to see all of the best features or the selling point of the house. Because of this, the photos need to feature the unique architectural designs and details of the house as well as the best points of the property.

Professional photographers still edit their photos, but not to the point of the images looking unnatural. There are times that how the property looks in real life doesn’t translate well in photos. There may be discrepancies in color or some inconsistencies, too. Photographers edit their photos to enhance the images and make sure they’re presentable to clients.


Real estate photography is an integral part of selling real estate properties. The photos of the areas are the first thing that the buyers would see when they’re hunting for their new homes. Make these properties worth buying by highlighting their unique features in well-taken photos.

As we know, having skillful photographers is important to achieve good real estate photography. Here at Bear Karry Production, we have professional photographers that will serve you luxury real estate photography in Saint Petersburg, Bradenton, and Tampa. We also have photography, videography, and 3D virtual tours services. Contact us now to book our services!

Written by

Bear Karry

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