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Bear Karry, December 1 2021

How Real Estate Photos Affect Sale Potential

When you're looking through local real estate listings, you want to be enticed, welcomed, and impressed all at once. However, sometimes you come across one or two listings that make you uneasy. Perhaps the interior is gloomy, making visibility difficult, and the windows are probably white from the sunlight outside. The property itself appears lived-in, with toys and paperwork strewn around the living room, a cramped kitchen, and slightly disheveled bedrooms.

What do you feel from those images? What message are the visuals seeking to convey to the seller or agent? Do you think the agent is asking too much for a home with that presentation in comparison to others on the market right now, presuming the listing includes a price? If you were a buyer, would you run to the agent in such a situation? Or, do you think you'll get to it eventually if nothing else works out? The questions are endless!

Here, we’ll discuss how real estate photos as a whole affect buyers, sellers, and agents. From messaging to optics, discover everything you need to know today!

The Message vs. The Image

When it comes to bidding for properties, you may be stuck between making the highest possible offer on the property, or making a low offer because you believe the seller's expectations are also low. Fortunately, you can make your final decision based on the photographs on the listing. You can assess if the seller took the effort to hire professional photography services for the property, or they just used a smartphone camera technology for it.

Consider Yourself to Be a Buyer

Consider the photographs from the standpoint of the client, as well as all of the hidden messages that a consumer receives while browsing the images online. When selling a home, you must also consider the impression that such photographs convey about them and their service.

Additionally, carefully assess if bad real estate images make a home appear less expensive than others on the market. After all, poor real estate photography benefits no one, yet agents use it to negotiate a cheaper price for a home or to avoid looking professional.

The Importance of Visual Components

Given that the viewer does not have the time to read a lot in such a short period of time, visual components will be more influential in generating a first impression than written components. For real estate, you must understand that this is critical. To be able to present your property to potential buyers as well as be impressed as a potential buyer, you must keep first impressions in mind. Then, everything else will follow suit.


Of course, you will want to learn more about the distinction between good and bad photography, especially when it comes to real estate. However, this goes beyond that. As a seller, or a buyer, or an agent, images send messages that would or would not resonate with the receiving party. Thus, it would be best to seek professional services before you make purchasing decisions. To simply put it, please be guided accordingly!

Bear Karry Productions offers professional real estate photography in Saint Petersburg, Bradenton, and Tampa. We can assure you of quality and post-processed images in as fast as 24 hours! Leave your visual content worries with us and upload the listing of your dreams. Book your appointment now!

Written by

Bear Karry

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