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Bear Karry, August 2 2021

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Thanks to the internet, selling real estate online has become more popular than it has ever been. This is evident as Zillow, the leading online real estate marketplace, reported its largest earnings in the history of its existence over the last year. Indeed, the shift of real estate to the digital space is inevitable.

Considering how the industry is changing, it becomes especially important to maximize one’s ability to sell real estate online. And while there is a multitude of different factors that can affect this, we recommend that you focus on real estate photography. Think about it, if an image is all people will be basing their opinions on a listing on then it makes sense to provide the best photos possible. Now, we understand that not everyone is an expert in photography. Luckily, you can outsource this and opt to invest in professional real estate photography. Some of you may be hesitant to do this due to the costs attached to it. To help convince you, here are three significant benefits that come with hiring a professional real estate photographer!

Saves You Time and Money

While the initial costs may put you off, you have to understand that hiring a professional photographer can also help you save both time and money. While it may not seem difficult, photography requires a lot of skill to pull off. To add to this, it’s also rather time-consuming. The time you spend attempting to photograph a property yourself can be used elsewhere. By hiring a professional photographer, you essentially give yourself more time to focus on the other aspects of your job.

You’ll also be saving money as you won’t need to purchase all the equipment required to take pictures of a property. While you can opt to use your smartphone camera, this will put you at a significant disadvantage as the smartphone camera doesn’t come close to the quality of professional cameras.

Helps You Sell Property

If you use better photos, it makes sense that more people will be interested in your listings. This uptick in interest alone will go a long way when it comes to helping you sell your property. Sometimes you just have to think of real estate as a numbers game. The more eyeball you get on your property, the more likely it is for you to find a potential buyer. Using high-quality photos you make your listings more enticing, which will effectively help expand your overall reach.

To add to this, using specialized photography equipment can also help sell your property. As we’ve mentioned in our article on real estate drone photography, drones give potential buyers a better view of the property. By giving buyers a more complete look at the property, they are more likely to invest in it.

Makes You Look More Professional

Lastly, better photographs make you look more professional. Considering how competitive the real estate industry is, you’ll want to take every advantage you can get. Simply making yourself look professional can make or break your chances of success when it comes to selling properties.


We hope this article has helped convince you of the many benefits that come with hiring a professional photographer. As you can see the benefits outweigh the costs, making any amount you initially have to pay worth it. Professional photography will not only help you generate more sales but will also help you secure sustainable long-term success.

Are you looking for a professional real estate photographer near you? Bear Karry offers real estate photography solutions, including videography and 3D virtual tours. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment!

Written by

Bear Karry

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