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Bear Karry, December 17 2021

The Significance of Commercial Real Estate Video Production

Customers are constantly narrowing their selection of commercial properties before scheduling site visits. And video contents are more effective in reigning in potential buyers because they deliver more information in a shorter amount of time than photographs or articles do. 

When you hire a respected video production company to create commercial real estate videos, you offer your visitors the opportunity to take a virtual tour of your property. Here are other benefits of using videos for your commercial real estate marketing. 

Videos Have the Ability to Influence People’s Perception 

When you use high-quality commercial real estate videos, you may influence the perception and perspective of buyers, leading to higher prices for your properties. When people see your commercial property video, they get involved with it and develop an emotional connection with the characters in it. Prospective buyers will be taken on a virtual tour of the property and the surrounding neighborhood and way of life while viewing the video. 

They are drawn in by the features/amenities, the lighting, and the panoramic vistas from the upper floors (through drone pilots). High-quality property promotional videos will showcase the most remarkable characteristics of the property while also espousing its many other benefits like the property's geographic location, market drivers, general attractiveness, and ambiance.

Videos Are Effective Platforms for Marketing

Before visiting a property in person, the ordinary viewer is likely to view several web videos about the property. This is attributed, in part, to the growth of fast and always-connected gadgets (such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops).  People are researching different forms of video material before determining whether or not to visit a property or make the financial choice to acquire it. Before choosing something as crucial as commercial real estate, it seems that purchasers would want to watch a video of the property in question.

If you want to attract serious purchasers or tenants to your commercial property, you should consider investing in video production. According to research, two-thirds of buyers are more inclined to buy a product after seeing a video about it. In the past, commercial real estate agents could get away with just displaying photographs of their commercial properties on their websites; however, this is no longer acceptable in today's digital environment.

Videos Can Reach a Larger Audience and Sell Properties Faster

Compared to practically all other types of advertising, video advertisements and promos, videos provide greater returns on investment in various fields, including commercial real estate in many cases. Commercial real estate videos reach a broader audience and assist in selling properties far more quickly than other forms of media. Investment in high-quality movies, along with careful placement in the appropriate content and context, will result in considerable returns on your investment.

Commercial real estate video creation often yields excellent returns on investment (ROI). Commercial real estate videos may sometimes be used to market many commercial properties at the same time, for example, in office buildings where different floors or units have similar layouts.


A video is effective in shaping the perspective of your viewers. A good video production company will know how to optimize your property’s natural visual appeal and attraction, making it easier to sell. In conclusion, it is in your best interests to invest in video production to market your property.

Do you need a commercial real estate video production company in St. Petersburg or Tampa Bay, Florida? Our team at Bear Karry creates spectacular videos and photos to help you sell your commercial property. Book a service now!

Written by

Bear Karry

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