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Bear Karry, December 17 2021

How You Can Find the Best Real Estate Photographer

If you are a real estate agent, you know that the ultimate job is to get your clients' properties sold in the shortest time possible at a price that makes them happy. 

While there are many ways you can achieve this, one of the essentials is getting the best photos of the property that can showcase its best features. After all, buyers usually start their home buying journey by checking out photographs of homes on the market. 

You also need an expert on real estate photography to get the best images. Here are some tips on finding the best real estate photographer for you from Bear Karry Productions:

Check the Portfolio

Do not expect a photographer to generate quality images unless you have seen his work first hand. Visit his website and look at the photos he has taken. Look out for good lighting, angle, and textures. They should be crisp and clear.

Ask Around

If you cannot think of any real estate photographers that you can hire to help you, you can ask your clients and friends who they would recommend. Realtors can be excellent sources of leads for finding good photographers. If you have a friend who has just purchased a property, ask for their recommendation.

Check Out Their References

Every real estate photographer should be able to provide you with references. While checking out their past work would give you an idea of their style, you also have to ask for testimonials from their clients. This is to ensure that their images really do sell houses.

Ask for a Price Estimate

Real estate photographers charge a fee based on the hours they would need to spend with the property. So before you hire one, you should ask for a price estimate first.

Be Specific About Your Requirements

Do not expect a photographer to know what you want if you have not given specific instructions. So when you meet the photographer in person, talk about what you want. If you wish to take interior shots of the property, tell him so. If you want a particular angle or position, tell him.

Look for a great real estate photographer to help you get those perfect shots of your client's property. The more appealing the property looks in the photos, the faster you will be able to sell it.

Ask for Additional Services

Some real estate photographers offer additional services such as the editing of the images and 3-D renderings. If you want these services, ask for them. They might cost extra, but getting better images would be worth it.

Ask for a Contract

If you hire a real estate photographer, sign a contract to protect yourself in case you are not satisfied with the outcome. The contract should specify the time frame as well as the fees. If you are not pleased with the photos, you can always terminate the agreement. 


High-quality photos of a real estate property can be a significant influence on the decision-making process of a buyer.

And that is the whole point of hiring a real estate photographer – to make the property look attractive to buyers. It does not matter if the photographer is a hobbyist or not. But you must work with a real estate photographer who can give you photos that can sell your client's property. Make sure that you choose someone from the roster of the best Florida real estate photographers with an excellent track record.

Bear Karry Productions LLC offers professional real estate photography in Florida. Whether you need drone photography for real estate or traditional creative shots, we can help you show the best features of the homes you are selling. Contact us today to know more!

Written by

Bear Karry

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