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Bear Karry, June 23 2021

How Camera Drones Launch Your Real Estate Listing to Success

Many real estate agents consider drones to be the most significant development in their industry since the rise of online real estate marketing. Drone videos and photos make your listing unique—they give potential buyers a panoramic view of your property and its surroundings. Using camera drones in real estate photography guarantees that your listing stands out.

The first person to legally use a drone for real estate photography was Douglas Trudeau, an agent from Arizona. Trudeau launched his drone in 2015, and since then, more and more agents have incorporated it into their offerings. Today, drones are commonplace, but they remain an exciting addition—not the main factor—in this kind of photography.

Also, traditional stills or 360 tours are still the better option for some aspects of real estate photography. For instance, drones cannot provide you with fixed-position and focused photos. They are also unsuitable for shooting small spaces like apartments or condos. Besides sweeping vistas, buyers will want standard shots of rooms and street-level photos.

That said, if you have many features in your home, ground-based photography won’t be enough. It can’t highlight all of your property’s unique features. For example, if you have a landscaped garden or a waterfront view from your master’s bedroom, you cannot capture that from the ground. Drones allow you to showcase your property in the best possible way.

Trends in Real Estate Drone Photography

Modern camera drones are ready-to-fly, meaning they don’t require assembling. These types of drones also have built-in GPS-programmed flight paths, and they have automatic targeting for identifiable points of interest. 

Although many drones have an autopilot setting, you still need a professional photographer to operate them. A photographer will know the best angles to showcase your property. Luxury real estate photography benefits the most from drone cameras, but you can use it to promote any home or building.

Why Use Drone Photography in Your Listing?

Drone photography lets you take encompassing shots and aerial views of your property. It enables you to get shots of your yard, pool, and other areas around the home. With this type of photography, you can highlight features like walking paths, backyards, garages, and pools. It also shows viewers the condition of inaccessible parts of your property, like your roof.

Having drone shots lets you out-market the competition. Real estate agents tend to be slow to adopt trends, and if you’re one of the first to do this in your area, you automatically make your listings more interesting to would-be buyers. It shows your customers that you value your business. With drone photography, you convey that you take advantage of all opportunities to stand out among competitors.

Finally, using drone cameras lets you save money, especially if you’re in the business of selling luxury homes. Investing in drone videography is easier and more affordable than planning an aerial shoot using a helicopter.


It isn’t easy to market real estate nowadays. Competition can be brutal, and potential buyers have their pick of listings and agents. One thing you can be deliberate about, though, is positioning. Everyone begins their search online, and differentiating your property listings with top-notch video and editing will make you look professional and prepared.

Bear Karry Productions helps your real estate business soar. We specialize in luxury real estate photography in St. Petersburg, FL, including twilight photography, virtual tours, and architectural videography. Book a call now!

Written by

Bear Karry

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