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Bear Karry, June 23 2021

Why You Should Invest In Professional Real Estate Photography

Are you thinking about selling your house, or has it been on the market for a while? Your photographs may be preventing your home from being sold or even seen to potential buyers. Because almost 85 percent of house buyers begin their search online, photos are likely to be the initial vantage point and introduction to your house. 

A stunning photograph that attracts them will further entice them to visit the property, especially if it matches their search criteria and budget. Homebuyers will skip over images that are bland, boring, gloomy, or trashy. If you want to stand out and attract more visitors to your house, you or your realtor must take excellent pictures or have them professionally taken.

Why Do I Need Professional Photographs?

How many times have you removed a home from your weekend inspection list because the photographs were amateurish, gloomy, and unappealing? So, when it comes to selling, outstanding real estate photography is why buyers show up to inspections, and you need as many feet through the door as possible to get a reasonable sale price.

Awful photographs can deter purchasers from attending an inspection, but false images can have far-reaching consequences. If a house seems entirely different on the listing than it does in person, you will have a longer-lasting unfavorable impression on a buyer. 

Rushing around on a Saturday to get to eight inspections all planned for 10 a.m. is difficult, but it is even more complicated when one of those inspections turns out to be a complete waste of time.

How to Get Ready for a Real Estate Photoshoot

When prepping your property for real estate photography, the mantra "less is more" should be followed. This not only depersonalizes the home but also makes the most of available space.

Family photographs, mementos, books and DVDs, animal bedding and toys, floor mats, and carpets are all items to get rid of throughout the selling process. 

The same is true outside, where automobiles, garden hoses, garbage cans, bicycles, and washing must be taken out of the picture. The real estate sign should also be temporarily removed. Turning on all lights and turning off all fans within the house will also keep photographs warm and clean.


When it comes to photography, half of the enchantment comes from the photographer's eye. An expert understands how to find the appropriate angles and lighting to highlight the most significant aspects of a place while hiding its shortcomings. Although they make it appear simple as if anybody could do it, learning how to best capture space in this manner requires many hours of expert instruction and expertise. Furthermore, they have professional-grade equipment such as cameras, lighting, and costly editing software to enhance each shot perfectly. Additionally, with the pandemic ongoing, more people are searching for "3D real estate photography near me", a premium service our studio is more than capable of handling. 

With Bear Karry productions in charge of your real estate shoots, you can rest assured you're getting the best real estate photography in St. Petersburg!

Written by

Bear Karry

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