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Bear Karry, April 10 2021

How can I promote my real estate business online?

Make sure your brand is consistent on all social media channels. 

Create a facebook business page, with a professional headshot as your profile picture.  Next  Create a youtube, instagram, and  linked in profile.  make sure your brand colors and channel art are consistent on all social media platforms.

Add value to your clients by answering questions they may have in video form.

 Think about the questions you get asked the most from your clients then script out your answer and read it on camera.  Post this video on all your social media channels.  Create a mail chimp email and attach the video to that as well.  This adds value to your customers and you will stay top of mind when they decide to sell or buy a house.  

Make sure to have a property website.

Make sure to have a property website with a place where prospective buyers can contact you somewhere on the page.  At bear karry productions we provide you with a free website with every photoshoot that has a contact form built in.  you can also share the website directly from the home page.  Click the button that says share and follow the instructions. Take time to do your market research to find out what the top agents are doing in st pete fl.  Find them through google searches.  Check their website and brand for ideas.

Hire a photographer professional to photographer

Hire a photographer professional to photograph your listings.  This is a great way to  increase the value of your reputation.  Adding professionals to your team will make you  more professional and help you out compete other realtors. Add video and 3d matterprort to your listing presentation.  This will show that you are up on the latest trends and will give you the advantage over other realtors.   Create video testimonials and add them  to your social media channels.  Focus on overcoming common objectives within your testimonials.  All these tips have helped me gain new business and I hope that you find them helpful.  If you have any questions let me know I’m here to help.  Feel free to call or text us at 727 490 3411 thanks have a great day!

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Written by

Bear Karry

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