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Bear Karry, April 8 2021

Matterport 3D vs Video for Saint Petersburg Fl Realtor Listings

Matterport 3D Tours allows us to capture and connect rooms for an interactive 3d model.  The model is accessible online 24/7 around the world.  If you are looking for St Petersburg Florida Real Estate Photography, It's a great tool to showcase their properties.

Which is better for my listing in St Pete Florida?  Video or Matterport 3D Tours?

There is distinct value in all of them The photos get the buyer interested, HD video touches the emotions, and 3D Tour qualifies the buyer and reduces the number of properties a realtor has to take clients to.   As we know time is money so you will waste less time and only be showing houses to serious buyers.  It is similar to a marketing funnel, where the photos are at the top, leading buyers to the video, and finally leading serious buyers to the Matterport Tour. 

Each one takes a greater level of commitment (from breezing through a few photos, to watching a 1-3 min video, to then learning taking a virtual Matterport tour and committing 5 minutes to really exploring a space-almost two-thirds (63% of nearly 2,000 people who purchased a home last year) made an offer on a property that they hadn’t seen in person—a record high, according to a survey commissioned by the real estate brokerage Redfin of 1,900 home buyers across 32 major markets. 

That percentage is up from 32% a year earlier.Our 360 tours or ‘walkthroughs’ allow people to explore each property of their dreams at their own leisure, from the comfort of their own home.  Alongside producing stunning interior shots of the properties we film, we provide equally stunning aerial shots of the surrounding area of the property. This really sets the scene and helps potential customers visualize more than just the house itself.

Matterport Stats:

Show off your Matterport library to win more listings!  

88% of home sellers prefer using an agent that uses this 3D matterport tours.  

Bear Karry Productions generates a custom web link to post and share easily across all social media and websites everywhere 

It gives prospects a detailed interactive virtual open house online 24/7 anywhere in the world. 

71% of buyers say they would purchase a house site unseen if the could view it in as a 3D tour first.

Dollhouse view allows the viewer to see a 3D floor plan as well as a top down view of the floor plan 

With features like measurement mode you can measure out the size of rooms or furniture within a room increasing confidence in their buying decision 

Matterport tags is a provide more detail for special selling points within the roomBuyers can share the virtual tour with lenders to remotely appraise the property and speed up escrow

Buyers Close on properties 31% faster using Matterport

Listings Sell up to 9% higher using Matterport

Video Stats:

73% of home sellers would choose an estate agent who actively uses video to promote and boost real estate sales.

BKP generates a custom web link to post and share easily across all social media and websites everywhere

It gives prospects an emotional response with an immersive presentation with music 24/7 around the world

Location shots with drone in the beginning and end of video

Recap Comparison:

Overall Matterport is a more detailed overview of the house offering more features than to familiarize your prospect with your listing.   The downside is that you can't see the surrounding locations like you can with drone video clips.  That being said, adding this type of technology to your listing presentations will give you the competitive advantage over other realtors in your area essentially helping you win more listings!  If you are on a budget we say matterport is a better alternative to video as there are more features, however when used together as a marketing funnel you can expect to find more qualified buyers and spend your time showing off your listing to serious buyers.  

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Written by

Bear Karry

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