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Bear Karry, August 26 2021

The Importance of Virtual Staging in Real Estate Photography

People often need a visual guide of a real estate property to get a general idea about the house they are planning to buy. They will often be presented with an actual photo of the property for sale, containing all of the sections, furniture, and dimensions to help them determine whether or not it is a perfect fit for their preferences. 

This is the traditional way of doing it, and it has always been the norm for all property sellers. However, there are times when a buyer may be put off by what they see, especially if the furniture isn’t placed correctly, effectively ruining the photos’ overall feel. Luckily, virtual staging became a thing amongst the real estate industry, much so that it has become a standard tool amongst sellers and real estate brokers.

What Is Virtual Staging in Real Estate?

Virtual staging is the process of enhancing the images portraying the property and its sections. Think of it as a way of presenting the buyer’s house in virtual reality, where the furniture can be moved, replaced, and altered to give the potential buyers a clearer and more desirable view of the home that is up for sale. 

This is done to try and match the home with the potential buyer’s expectations. Yes, the seller may give them a rundown of the sections and dimensions shown in the average photo, but virtual staging will help them visualize better, something that a typical photo can’t do.

How Is Virtual Staging Done?

Sellers and real estate brokers may be able to accomplish virtual staging through two main channels.

1. With the Help Of a Virtual Staging App

Nowadays, applications and software may enable designers to replicate the whole dimensions and look of a structure. They can use it to change the structure’s contents and alter the feel and color of the surrounding model. 

A seller may also download and use a simple app to give the potential buyer an accurate depiction of the house, sections, and current furniture pieces. They may even change the position of the amenities according to the buyer’s request. Not only is this innovative, but it is also a good way of convincing the buyer that the property may just have what they’re looking for in terms of space and amenity.

2. With the Help of a Real Estate Photography Editing Company

Real estate photography companies are skillful when it comes to virtual staging as well. They will be able to provide high-quality, edited photos of the house and its different sections. They will also give the buyer a good amount of clear examples that may convince them to buy the house, especially if the images portray much of their preferences. 

With their help, you’ll empower clients to see the different perspectives, styles, and alternative furniture if they prefer to have more space.


Virtual staging is one good way of convincing your potential buyers to close the deal. People do not want to buy something that does not have any semblance to their preferences, nor do they want to buy something they haven’t seen before. 

Property sellers should be well aware of this, and they should invest in virtual staging when they decide to sell their homes. Aside from being practical, it will also give their potential buyers a good idea of what the place will look like if the furniture were rearranged or removed. Homebuyers care more about space and amenities, and the property should have a proper balance of both if you want to close deals!

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Written by

Bear Karry

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