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Bear Karry, September 8 2021

Staging Tips to Prepare Your Home for Real Estate Photos

Many intricacies come with selling a home. As the homeowner, it falls to you to stage your home to ensure that it will be put in the best possible light while you wait for it to be sold. To ensure that you get the best photos of your home, hiring a photographer that knows their way around real estate listings is paramount. However, working with a real estate photographer is the first part of the equation. Staging your home and making it look homey and cozy will play a key role in attracting potential buyers.

While the thought of “making your home look welcoming and warm” may seem simple enough on paper, many first-time homeowners struggle to get started. If you find yourself in this situation, this blog post is here to help you! Read on to find helpful tips to help prepare your home for your real estate photo shoot.

Staging Tips to Prepare Your Home for Real Estate Photos

Making your home look its best is a step that should never be overlooked when selling a real estate property. Here are some tips to help you out during the staging process and make the experience quick and easy for you.

1 - Declutter

Before calling your real estate photographer, you must get rid of all the clutter scattered around your home. Make sure that the whole space (or at least all the parts of your home that will be included in the pictures) will be free from untidiness.

2 - Take Out the Garbage

Aside from getting rid of all the clutter here and there, it is also vital that you remove any litter and garbage from the entire premises of your home. Make each room neat and clean to ensure that the true essence and character of the room will be captured in the photos.

3 - Use Good Lighting

Even if your home already has lights, it is essential to discuss additional lighting options with your photographer. Using appropriate lighting will help set the tone for the room that is being photographed.

4 - Don’t Neglect Your Home’s Exterior

Remember that pictures will also be taken of the outside of your home. Investing time and effort to clean and properly tidy up the outside areas of your home will pay off in the photos that will be shown to your prospective buyers.

5 - Mind the Little Details

Lastly, it pays to look into the seemingly minor details that may have a significant is essential discussing effect on your real estate photos. Making sure that the throw pillows are positioned just right, setting your dining table up to make it appear that a delicious dinner is about to be served, and bringing out the best beddings for the shoot will ensure that your home will look its best when the real estate photos are taken.


Potential homebuyers are becoming more and more discerning about what they want. This is why uploading only the best real estate photos is vital. Putting your property in the best possible light will ensure that it will attract the attention of people interested in putting down an offer on your home.

Should you ever be in need of professional real estate photography, Bear Karry has everything you need! We are a real estate photography company that provides stunning photos from professional photographers. We are currently servicing Saint Petersburg, Bradenton, and Tampa. Work with the best Florida real estate photographers today!

Written by

Bear Karry

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