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Bear Karry, August 26 2021

Why Invest in Real Estate Aerial Photography and Videography

Real estate is a competitive industry that requires attracting potential homebuyers by showcasing properties’ features through high-quality photos and videos. This is why real estate agents now use drones to capture aerial photos and videos of their property listings. Since the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) recently eased some restrictions for using drones and issued permits for commercial use, drone use among real estate professionals will become more regulated and in-demand.As a real estate agent, you might be wondering if using drones is a worthwhile investment. It can be costly, but it is a practical and even necessary choice so you can stay competitive in the industry. If you need further convincing, here are other reasons why investing in aerial drone photography and videography is worth your money:

Promotes Your Brand

The quality of your photos and videos on your website and social media reflects the quality of your work. To show your viewers and potential buyers that you take time and effort and pay close attention to details, invest in the latest technology trends like aerial photography and videography. It also allows you to stand out and stay ahead of the competition. This is especially helpful for showcasing properties with unique aspects, incredible views, and vast amounts of land. 

Boosts Your Social Media Engagement 

In this age where business’s success heavily relies on a strong online presence, it’s sensible to increase social media engagement and generate more website traffic. Achieving this is easy by hiring professionals in luxury real estate photography and videography. Since professionally captured pictures and videos of properties look more compelling, it is only natural that they will attract more viewers and generate a sense of interest to potential buyers.

Allows Quick Sales

A home is a major investment, which is why buyers need to get as much visual information as possible to make a well-informed decision. Thankfully, this is possible with aerial photography and videography. Besides the properties themselves, using drones can show their surroundings. By having better photos and videos, buyers can decide in less time, and you can sell faster.

Showcases Properties’ Locations

Homebuyers need to get a clear view of the entirety of the property they are planning to purchase. Thanks to aerial photography and videography, getting high-quality shots of the properties is possible. Investing in it can help you present unique features, details, and even nearby landmarks in and around your property.

Helps You Make More Sales

Real estate professionals need to stay competitive at all times. This is why regular photos and videos are likely not enough to make a positive impression and attract homebuyers. To stand out from your competitors and entice more interested buyers with your portfolio, use aerial photos and videos in marketing properties.ConclusionAerial photos and videos provide homebuyers with an entirely new perspective on properties by showing them from every angle. This is why drone photography and videography is the best way to market homes and places of business. 

Real estate professionals have the option to drive drones on their own, but it takes the right skills and experience to take excellent images and videos fit for real estate marketing. For this reason, it’s advisable to seek professional architectural videography and photography to get the best results possible.

If you need aerial real estate photography and videography, work with Bear Karry Productions. You can count on us to deliver photos and videos in 24 hours through our automated software. Book our services today!

Written by

Bear Karry

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