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Bear Karry, April 8 2021

What is the best time of day to shoot real estate in Saint Petersburg Florida?

What is the best time of day to shoot ?

My name is Bear Karry and the founder Bear Karry Productions were full-service real estate photography and media company right here in St. Petersburg Florida and today I want to talk about something that I get asked a lot for my clients that is what is the best time of day to shoot?  The answer is we can pretty much make any time of day at work we have professional editors and we have high end camera equipment with special camera settings that can make the photos look good regardless of the time a day.  

that being said there are certain times a day that are more visually pleasing than others.  there’s a time today called golden hour it’s when the sun is a little bit lower in the sky and typically you want to be shooting away from the sun.  so if the  view is facing east a shoot later in the day would be best when the sun is opposite to the view.  The reason that we do that is because our eyes perceive light differently than our cameras and we have a higher dynamic range so we can see into the darkest shadows and into the brightest highlights at the same time much better than our cameras can.  

If you think about it if you ever take a picture with your iPhone and everything in the room is visible but the windows are over exposed and super bright it’s because the camera's sensor doesn’t have as high of a dynamic range so that’s why we use special camera settings and then we have special editing techniques in post production so that you can see inside and out through the windows at the same time.  This gives a more authentic representation of the room.   

Best Practices to implement when scheduling your next photo shoot in Saint Petersburg Fl.

1) Which way is the view facing?  We want to shoot away from the sun not into it.

2) Golden hour gives best lighting and most vibrant colors book early morning or later in the afternoon depending on which way the view faces.

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Written by

Bear Karry

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