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Bear Karry, September 8 2021

3 Reasons Why You Need Professional Real Estate Photography

You’ve probably noticed that million-dollar homes are photographed well when they’re posted in listings, while less expensive starter homes do not receive the same level of photo quality.

But if you really want to sell properties and give your clients extraordinary treatment and experience, you might reconsider professional photography for both affordable and expensive homes. Why, you ask? Nearly 100 percent of home buyers browse online listings, and if you can’t stand out from the competition there, you might not close enough deals.

If you want to show all clients that they’re valued, whether they’re purchasing a starter home or a million-dollar house, you should have all your listings professionally photographed by a real estate photographer.

So lose the smartphone and the weird angles. Here’s why you should invest in a pro real estate photographer:

Professionally Taken Real Estate Photos Build Your Branding

When you hire the same real estate professional or photography company for all your listings, you show brand consistency to your potential clients. When you are consistent in your listings, it shows professionalism and excellent branding.

New and seasoned real estate agents can confidently show listing presentations and demonstrate the property’s worth to prospective clients. Moreover, you’ll see that using professional photography for your listings improves your referrals, increases your buyers, elevates your brand, and closes you more deals.

High-Quality Real Estate Photos Stand Out Online

Take, for instance, eCommerce websites. All of them use high-quality images to display their products and attract buyers. Regardless of whether it’s a $10 hat or a $500 designer bag, they consistently use high-quality images.

Why doesn’t the same thing happen with real estate? Professional photography is a powerful marketing tool that encourages customers to click on a product and purchase it. These eCommerce sites also know that images customers see are a direct reflection of their brand.

Using the same high-quality photography shows consistent message and branding, something that all brands must use in their marketing efforts. So if you want to draw in homebuyers with just a thumbnail photo, then you shouldn’t miss out on professional photography.

A Professional Photographer Captures Photos With Expertise

Your DSLR or phone camera doesn’t automatically translate to good photos. It takes a professional eye to achieve that. Good real estate photographers use composition and visual storytelling to capture homes and present them to the target audience.

When real estate photographers take photos, they also consider the best angles to emphasize features, the best lighting at certain times of the day, the camera settings, and the rooms or features that need to be skipped because they won’t help market a property.

A professional eye is needed for you to achieve successful results. A professional photographer in real estate goes through countless properties a month and has already achieved expertise in this field.


Getting a professional real estate photographer or photography company is one of the simplest ways to build your brand and boost your real estate business. High-quality photos can help you generate more leads, market your business, and provide an excellent customer experience. Real estate photography is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

Bear Karry is a real estate photography company providing stunning photos from expert photographers. We offer real estate photography, matterport 3D photography, and aerial drone photography in St. Petersburg.

Our photos are shot and retouched professionally to give you high-quality images that are sure to grab the attention of customers. Get in touch with us, and let us be your real estate photographer today!

Written by

Bear Karry

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