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Bear Karry, November 25 2021

How Videos Can Help Real Estate Agents in Selling Properties

If you’re a real estate agent, one of the most effective ways to sell a property is by utilizing videos. Just so you know, videos are now so pervasive, and they are also very persuasive. It can help you sell the property in an assertive and convincing way without being aggressive or pushy. 

If you want more details about how videos can help you sell a property and how to create one, keep reading to find out: 

Why Should You Use a Video?

Using a video is hitting two birds with one stone. It can help your property listings to stand out, and it can help build the trust and likeability of your potential buyers. Those are enough reasons why you should use a video. It works because it gives you a chance to educate the buyers on the market and build a connection with people even if you have never met them personally. 

How Can You Create an Effective Real Estate Video?

Of course, your video should be compelling enough to reap its benefits. It won’t work by just shooting the property’s interior and exterior. You need to create a plan on how to market the property effectively so that potential buyers will be convinced that the property is worth buying. 

To create an effective real estate video, here are the things you can do: 

You can shoot your own videos, provided that you have the skills to get it and do it right. While it is cheaper, you may look cheap if you’ve failed to do it right. 

You can hire a videographer for an hour or two to help you out in creating content worth sharing. However, this may require you to pay a bigger investment, but it’s ideal since you can get more benefits from it. 

You can hire a videographer full-time to shoot everything. Essentially, that videographer will be your partner in your every selling journey. It’s a worthwhile investment that can make you unbeatable in the market. 

What Are the Kinds of Real Estate Videos Can You Create?

Once you’ve figured out whether you’re going to shoot the videos yourself or with the help of a professional videographer, it’s time to determine what kind of video you should develop. If you choose the latter, the type of videos you can create will be limitless. Here are some real estate videos you can nail if you hire a videographer: 

Interview Videos -  With this kind of video, you can chat with other people and ask them how excellent the property they’ve bought from you is. Highlight their testimonials and use them to convince other buyers.

Informational Videos - Create ‘How To” videos, like how to arrange an inspection or how to buy a property. This way, you can lead them to you by showing them that you can help them with those matters. 

Listing Videos - This one is the most common type of video that most real estate agents use. It’s a walkthrough tour of a home to give buyers an overview of what to expect if they buy it. 


As a real estate agent, know that videos will be very convenient for you. It’s an effective tool you can use to share your listings and introduce yourself to prospective clients. However, you need to ensure that you’re utilizing it right so that you can convince people to buy a property from you. You can do that by hiring a professional real estate videographer since they know how to create compelling video content. 

If you’re looking for the best real estate photographers and videographers in Saint Petersburg, Bradenton, and Tampa, Bear Kary Productions LLC is what you’re searching for! We provide real estate photography, drone photography, aerial photography, architectural videography, and 3D virtual tour services for our clients. Allow us to create your real estate videos. Book our service today! 

Written by

Bear Karry

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