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Bear Karry, April 7 2021

Virtual Staging vs Real Staging | St Pete FL. Realtor Listings

Real staging vs Virtual Staging which is better?

Staging a home can increase a home's selling price and the likelihood that it will sell quickly as it helps prospective buyers better imagine how they can use the livable space.  Staging may also offer a higher sales price too, according to the report, which is based on a survey of  2,000 real estate pros. Twenty-five percent say staging can increase-the home's value by 1 to 5 percent, and 12 percent of this realtors  say it increases the value by 6 to 10 percent.  A recent study found that 77% of realtors thought that virtual staging helped them to sell a property – which is an overwhelmingly positive result. Virtual staging can make buyers feel more comfortable with the property because they can visualize what it might be like to live there.

Virtual staging benefits, is virtual staging worth it?

Is virtual staging worth it? The answer is “yes.” Virtual staging allows you to present a property as it could be, which helps potential buyers emotionally connect to the unit.   Additionally, it costs just a fraction of what you'd spend on actual, physical staging.  Ultimately virtual or real staging will elevate your reputation and help you out compete other realtors that aren’t doing it.  Virtual staging is cheaper and is good for your online  presentation however for those in person showings you will Benefit  from showing off real furniture in the house. 

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Bear Karry

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