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Bear Karry, April 1 2021

St Pete Florida Realtors: Here is How to prepare a home for a real estate photo shoot.

As a busy realtor delegating work is crucial

Our Client checklist for success it is designed to help save you time by delegating some of the preparation and clean up to the home owner prior to the shoot.  Decluttering the house is essential to getting the highest quality photos on the market.  Do a walk through of the house and check off the list as you go to get your home ready for the virtual staging photography.  follow the link below to find our check list for success! 

Here is the link to our Clients Checklist For Success

Where should your clients go for the real estate photo shoot?

The less people that there are in the house on the day of the shoot the better.  This will help not to disrupt the work flow of the photographer and it will also  keep people out of photographs.  Encourage homeowners to take a spa day, go to the beach, or spend some quality time doing their favorite activity outside.  Please remain in a room away from the photographer to ensure you stay out of the pictures.  Please leave the AC turned on especially during summer months. 

Steps to prepare for a real estate photo shoot

1) Delegate cleaning up the home to the owner by texting them the checklist for success prior to the photo shoot.  

2) Ask the owner to be absent for the day of the shoot the less people in the house the better.

3) Keep the AC on thank you!

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Written by

Bear Karry

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